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What apps are available on my Android TV™?


    1. What apps are available for Sony's Android TV?

    2. How do I check all of the apps installed in Sony's Android TV?

    1. What apps are available for Sony’s Android TV?

      You can check what apps can be installed on Android TV from the Google Play Store.
      • Google Play Store on the Android TV only displays apps that are supported by the TV, so apps that are not displayed are not supported at the moment. Not all apps for other Android devices such as smartphones can be used with the TV.
      • Apps can be purchased through Google Play Store if you are logged in using your Google ID. You can also install apps you have already installed and paid for on your Android mobile devices for free if there is an Android TV equivalent.

        There are two ways to determine what apps are available for an Android TV.
        1. Checking from the HOME Menu in Android TV

          If you already own an Android TV, you can select the Google Play store app from the Apps menu. You can then search through all of the listed apps.
          * Home screens for TVs may differ depending on the models, regions and apps available.
        2. Checking using a computer, tablet, or smartphone
          Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, visit the Apps for Android TV website for a list of the latest apps that are available for Android TV devices.
          Apps for Android TV website
          NOTE: Visiting the Apps for Android TV website, you can also see the Description and Reviews of the app before downloading.
    2. How do I check the all installed apps to Sony's Android TV?

      1. Press the HOME button on the remote control.
      2. Select  Settings.
      3. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:
        • Select AppsSee all apps. (Android™ 9)
        • Select AppsDownloaded apps or System apps category. (Android 8.0 or earlier)