Dimensions (approx.)
W 69.4 mm x H 113.7 mm x D 88.3 mm (2 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 3 1/2)
Weight (approx.)
317 g (11.2 oz) (only main unit)
Auto electronic flash (clip-on type) with pre-flash metering
Shoe type
Multi Interface Shoe.
Maximum guide number
45 (Flash coverage setting 105 mm/STD flash distribution, ISO100・m)
Flash coverage
AUTO/MANUAL (24 mm–105 mm) angle of view at 15 mm focal length is also covered with the wide panel
Flash mode
Flash Duration (Approx.)
Within 1.7 ms (1/1 MANUAL)
Color Temperature (Approx.)
5500 K
Frequency (Approx.)
0.1–2.5 seconds (Alkaline battery)/0.1–2.0 seconds (Ni-MH battery)
Repetition (Approx.)
More than 210 times (Alkaline battery)/More than 270 times (Ni-MH battery)
Continuous flash performance
40 flashes at 10 flashes per second 1
Bounce flash
Bounce angle
Up 150 deg (0 deg/30 deg/45 deg/60 deg/75 deg/90 deg/120 deg/150 deg) Down 8 deg, Left and right 180deg (0 deg/30 deg/45 deg/60 deg/75 deg/90 deg/120 deg/150 deg/180 deg)
Test flash
Flash control
Flash control using pre-flash (P-TTL/ADI)
Flash compensation
Yes 2
Power level switching
22 levels (1/1-1/128) 1/3 steps
High-speed sync (HSS)
Modelling flash
Built-in wide panel
Yes (15 mm)
Built-in bounce sheet
AF illuminator
Yes 2
Operating Range (Approx.)
0.5–6 m 3
Radio Control Wireless Function
Yes (commander/receiver) 4
2.4 GHz band
14 Channels (Auto/manual)
Communication Distance (Approx.)
30 m 5 6
3 groups (TTL/MANUAL), 5 groups (group flash photography)
Maximum flash units
15 units
Lighting ratio control
3 groups (TTL)
Optical Controlled Wireless Flash
Yes (controller/remote) 7
4 Channels
Communication Distance (Approx.)
5 m 5 6
3 groups
Lighting ratio control
3 groups (TTL)
Center Luminance Intensity (Approx.)
400 lx (0.5 m)/100 lx (1 m)
Lighting Distance (Approx.)
1 m (when recording movies, set to ISO 3200 & F5.6)
Focal length supported
35 mm (35 mm-format angle of view)
Continuous Lighting Time (Approx.)
4 hours (with Sony AA-size alkaline battery)
Color Temperature (Approx.)
5500 K
Power level switching
10 steps
Auto zoom control optimised for image sensor size
Yes 8
Flash distribution setting
Auto WB Adjustment
Yes 8
Custom key settings
Memory settings
Remote release
LCD panel
Yes (Dot matrix)
Charge progress indicator
Sync terminal
Multi/Micro USB terminal
Power source
Four AA-size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
External Battery Adaptor
Dust and moisture resistant design
  • Connector protect cap (1)
  • Mini-stand(1)
  • Carry case (1)
  • 9