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Watch Out for Counterfeit Products

    Counterfeit consumer electronics affect customers and the industry

    Using counterfeit batteries, chargers, or other camera accessories is dangerous as there is a real risk of injury or damage to your camera. Lithium batteries must include marks to show they are in compliance with their country's safety and environmental standards. It may be illegal to sell batteries that are not in compliance.

    Problems when Using Counterfeit Batteries

    Not only is there a risk of counterfeit batteries unexpectedly overheating or catching fire when being charged, damage to the camera may also occur.

    Compared with genuine batteries, counterfeit batteries have significantly less charge capacities. Counterfeit batteries may also deteriorate quickly after frequent use, inaccurately show battery power levels, expand and become stuck into the camera slot, cause sudden power loss, or damage camera data.

    In addition, even genuine batteries can deteriorate quickly and lose charge capacity when charged with counterfeit chargers.

    Sony cannot guarantee against accidents, battery or camera damage, data destruction or other problems caused by counterfeit batteries or chargers. Further, Sony cannot repair counterfeit batteries or chargers.

    This information is to help ensure the safety of our customers and prevent unexpected problems while using your Sony products.

    Is one of your accessories counterfeit?

    Below is a list of the most commonly found counterfeited Sony accessories. Please note that in addition to batteries and chargers, battery grips and other power accessories are also counterfeited frequently.

    If you have already purchased any of the products listed here, please carefully check whether it is counterfeited or not.
    The most frequently counterfeited Sony batteries and chargers:

    • NP-BN1
    • NP-BX1
    • NP-FG1
    • NP-FW50
    • NP-FV50
    • NP-FV70
    • NP-FV100
    • NP-FZ100
    • BC-TRN
    • BC-TRV
    • BC-TRX
    • BC-TRW
    • BC-VW1
    battery charger


    Helpful Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit Accessories

    1. Only purchase items directly from Sony or from authorized dealers
      Purchasing directly from Sony or from an authorized dealer is the best way to ensure that you get genuine Sony accessories.
      Find Authorized Sony Retailers
    2. Be careful when purchasing from overseas sites
      Counterfeit goods are more often sold online from a variety of countries.
    3. Watch out for prices that appear unreasonably cheap
      If you find items with prices that seem too good to be true, they may be counterfeit. Before taking advantage of an extra low price, take a moment to consider the damage a counterfeit battery could do to your camera.
    4. Check the quality of the packaging
      Genuine Sony replacement batteries are always sold sealed in high-quality blister packs or cardboard boxes. These are marked with the Sony logo and anti-counterfeiting devices such as holograms. Sony never sells its products in plastic bags or paper wrapping, so we recommend that you never buy goods packaged in this way. Please note that some counterfeit goods may have fake hologram seals.
    5. Beware of suspicious offers or messages
      Dealers of counterfeit goods may offer free shipping or other discounts if you agree to purchase loose, unpackaged accessories. This is a strong sign that the accessories may not be genuine.
    6. Check that your batteries fit your devices properly
      If your battery does not fit easily and securely into its slot in your camera, camcorder or charger, it may be counterfeit.
    7. Beware of overheating
      Counterfeit batteries or accessories are not made to industry safety and quality standards, and may heat up dangerously when in use, possibly smoking, melting, igniting or even exploding.
    8. Make sure your accessories perform as well as they should
      Counterfeit batteries may not last as long, or hold a charge as well as the genuine battery that came with your camera or camcorder. If your accessories do not perform as well as genuine accessories, they may be counterfeit.
    9. Check the logos
      When you buy a new battery or accessory, compare the logo with the one that appears on your original battery or camera. Genuine goods will always use logos that are clear and sharp, and placed precisely in the proper location. Counterfeit goods often use logos that are blurry, sloppy, off-color, or misplaced.

    How do I tell the difference between counterfeit and genuine products?


    Sony batteries are marked with the Sony logo and anti-counterfeiting holograms.

    The hologram may be found either on the packaging or the battery.

    Again, purchasing directly from Sony or from an authorized dealer is the best way to ensure that you get genuine Sony accessories.