Article ID : 00153725 / Last Modified : 18/06/2019

How to copy pictures or movie files via a USB connection to a computer running on macOS

    The steps below will assist you with copying the pictures from your camera to the computer. If you require model-specific information about the camera to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Turn on the camera.
    3. Insert the recording media with the pictures into the camera.
    4. Set the USB Connection or Transfer mode setting in the camera menu to Normal, Mass Storage, or PTP.
    5. Using the USB cable supplied with the camera, connect the camera to the USB port on the computer.


      • Connection through a USB hub or other USB device (such as a printer or keyboard) is not supported and cannot be guaranteed. The camera should be connected directly to a USB port on the computer.
      • If the USB connection is not recognized by the computer, disconnect the USB cable and repeat steps 4 and 5 using a different USB Connection or Transfer mode setting.

      NOTE: The Image Capture software should start automatically. If it does not, follow the steps below to open it manually:

      1. On the Finder bar at the top of the computer screen, click Go and then click Applications in the drop-down menu.
      2. In the Applications window, in the right-hand column, click Image Capture.
    6. In the window that appears on the computer screen, do one of the following:
      • To copy all the pictures from the camera, click the Download All button
      • To copy only a few pictures from the camera, click the Download Some button and perform the following steps:
        1. On the computer keyboard, press and hold the Shift key.
        2. While holding the Shift key, click to select each image you want to copy.
        3. Click the Download button.