Article ID : 00111865 / Last Modified : 29/03/2019

Some photos and videos I took cannot be displayed by PlayMemories Home.

    Check the following if PlayMemories Home™ cannot display photos and videos stored in the camera memory or an installed memory stick.

    NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the recorded images after completing each step.

    1. Install the latest version of the PlayMemories Home software .
    2. When you connect the camera to the computer for the first time, make sure to connect them with the supplied USB cable after turning on the camera, and then wait until the driver is completely installed.
    3. When the following message is displayed, click YES.image


      • If you do not click YES, the USB operation mode will be set to MTP, which will not allow the PlayMemories Home software to import photos and videos.
      • When the PlayMemories Home software recognizes the camera, a Thank you for purchasing (model name) dialog box will be displayed.
    4. Click OK to close the Thank you for purchasing (model name) dialog box.

      NOTE: If you do not click OK, the device authentication process will not be completed.

    5. While PlayMemories Home is starting, make sure the USB connection between the camera and the computer is secure.
    6. Check that the images stored in the camera memory or the inserted memory stick were recorded by the camera itself.

      NOTE: Some photos or videos stored in the camera memory or on the inserted memory stick may not be recognized if a different device recorded them.

    7. If the USB mode on the camera is set to MTP mode or MTP/PTP mode, change it to Mass Storage mode before connecting the camera to the computer.

    If the problem is still unresolved, refer to the following Answers.