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How to clean the lens and image sensor of the Sony Cameras

    This provide guidance on how to clean the camera lens and camera body by yourself.

    Items to prepare

    • Blower - This is used to blow away dust and dirt on or in the camera.
    • Brush - This is used to wipe away dust on the camera body or lens. Use a large or small brush for the lens according to the situation.
      NOTE: We recommend a plain blower instead of a brush blower, etc.
      Plain blower (recommended)
      Squeeze the bulb with your fingers to force the air out. You can easily adjust the air pressure.

      Brush blower
      This can be used as both a blower and a brush. When using a brush blower with a removable brush, remove the brush when using it as a blower. This prevents dust on the brush being blown onto the camera.

      • Do not use an air duster. Doing so may damage the image sensor, or cause a malfunction.
      • Do not touch the sensor's surface or blow on it too hard.
      • Sony is not liable for any incidental or consequential damage due to mishandling at non-Sony service locations or otherwise.
    • Cleaning cloth - This is used to wipe off the camera or lens. A cloth made of synthetic fibers, which can be washed and used over again, is recommended.

    You can check the following video tutorials for cleaning methods

    How to clean

    1. Remove dust and debris from the camera body.
      Use a brush to sweep dust and debris from the entire camera. Use a large brush for the outside of the camera and a small brush for delicate parts. Do not press the brush hard against the camera; sweep gently.

    2. Remove dust and debris from delicate parts using a blower.

    3. Take the front lens cap off, and remove the dust on the lens surface using the blower.

      If particularly dirty, wet a soft cloth or lens tissue with lens cleaner solution, and wipe in a circular motion from the center of the lens.

      • Do not apply lens cleaner solution directly to the lens.
      • Do not use any organic solvent such as thinner or benzine to clean the lens.

    4. Replace the front lens cap to prevent dust from attaching to the lens.

    5. Press the lens release button, and detach the lens.

      Image indicating the location of the lens release button on the camera *For the ILCE-QX1
      Image indicating the location of the lens release button on the ILCE-QX1
      IMPORTANT: Be careful do not touch the sensor's surface.

    6. Use the blower while holding the camera facing slightly downward so that dust and debris easily fall off the sensor's surface.

      Image depicting cleaning of the camera image sensor using a blower *For the ILCE-QX1
      Image depicting cleaning of the ILCE-QX1 image sensor using a blower

    7. Reattach the lens.

      Image depicting attachment of the lens to the camera *For the ILCE-QX1
      Image depicting attachment of the lens to the ILCE-QX1
      • Take the lens off and on in a dust-free location. Dust and debris may easily enter the camera and lens in a dusty location.
      • For an A-mount
        When you attach the lens, confirm that the mirror has been completely pushed down.
    8. After you are finished cleaning, check that dust has been removed.

      • Set the shooting mode to Aperture Priority (A), and the aperture value to F11.
      • Take a picture of a white wall, white paper, or the sky.
      • Make sure that no dust shows on the image.

    NOTE: Many camera shops also offer professional cleaning services for image sensors that may be able to be performed in a timely manner.

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