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Mouse / Keyboard

    Before Connecting

    • You can only connect USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to an Android TV™ device. USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse does not work on Smart TV ("This USB device is not supported" is displayed when connecting a USB keyboard or mouse).
    • USB keyboards and mice:
      In general, our Android TVs can recognize the majority of USB keyboards and mice accessories. However, some functions may not operate as originally intended.
      For example, the left-click function on a standard mouse will work, but right-clicking the mouse or trying to use the scroll wheel, will not work.
    • Bluetooth keyboards:
      Some keyboards have been officially tested and confirmed to be operational by Sony. However, some functions may not be supported. Please visit the URL below for a list of confirmed devices:
    • Bluetooth keyboard doesn't connect through the TV's Bluetooth function. It uses a wireless transmitter that you connect to the USB port of the TV. 

    Making a Connection

    1. Connect the USB device to the TV USB port

    2. Turn on the connected USB device if necessary (for wireless keyboard and mouse).