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What are the required 3D formats to view 3D programming on a TV?

    Required 3D formats:

    • 1080p/24 Frame packing
    • 720p/60 Frame packing
    • 1080i/60 Side-by-Side (Half)
    • 1080p/24 Over-Under (Top and Bottom)
    • 720p/60 Over-Under (Top and Bottom)


    • If you are experiencing difficulty displaying the 3D images, one of the source devices such as a cable or satellite set-top box is not outputting one of these five mandatory 3D formats. If necessary, contact your cable or satellite provider for additional assistance.
    • The TV resolution can be checked by pressing the DISPLAY button on the supplied TV remote control. If the displayed resolution is 480, change the output resolution on the connected device. It is recommended that the 480i and 480p resolutions be disabled.