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How to find your model name and serial number?

    Your model name enables you to get information and services specific to your device. The model name and serial number can be found in several locations, depending on the product:

    • A label on the back or bottom of the device
    • The original packaging and printed instruction manual inside it
    • The system menu in products with a user interface (e.g. TVs or cameras)

    Click your product category below for help finding your model and serial number for your device. If your device type is not listed, please refer to the documentation or packaging supplied with your product.

    What's the difference between a model name and a serial number?

    • A model name is a combination of numbers and letters (e.g. KD-43X8000H or WH-1000XM4).
    • A serial number consists of numbers only (e.g. 6007041). It's a unique identifier that designates a single device.

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