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Playing music from your smartphone on another device using "Throw" (Bluetooth)

    IMPORTANT: Not all devises have Throw (Bluetooth) feature. For details, refer to the manual supplied with the product.

    Just simply by tapping on the throw icon, you can stream music on your smartphone(*) to your Bluetooth enabled listening devices.

    * Although only smartphones are mentioned in the descriptions, the descriptions apply also to tablets.

    1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the listening device.
    2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone.
    3. From the Home screen of your smartphone, tap , then find and tap (WALKMAN).
    4. Tap [My music] to open the music library.
    5. Select a music category and browse to the track that you want to share.
    6. Tap (Throw) and select the listening device to share your content with, then tap the track. The Bluetooth connection is established and the track plays on the selected listening device.

    To disconnect from the listening device, tap (Throw) and select [My phone]. The track stops playing on the listening device but continues playing on your smartphone.