Article ID : SX553104 / Last Modified : 24/10/2018Print

The feature "Tap to wake up" doesn't work properly

    If you have enabled Tap to wake up, and you experience that your device sometimes doesn't wake up when you tap on it, try these steps one after the other. Check whether the problem was solved after each step, before trying the next one.

    • Delay tapping the screen until it has been turned off for some seconds.
    • Tap the centre of the screen, approximately 1 cm from the edges.
    • Place the device in your hand and double tap the screen.
    • Try to double tap slowly.
    • Tap the screen three times.

    Affected Xperia devices:

    • Xperia X
    • Xperia X Compact
    • Xperia XZ
    • Xperia X Performance