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Why do photos look blurry when zoomed?

    The digital zoom feature in Xperia™ devices takes a portion of the image and expands this portion to the full size of the photo or screen. The image quality is reduced because the section of the image that you are looking at becomes bigger, not clearer.

    Tips for taking blur-free photos in motion or low light

    • Hold your Xperia™ device firmly with both hands, making sure that you keep your left hand out of the way of the lens and flash.
    • Press the Camera key halfway down and a frame or circle will appear where the focus has adjusted. With the focus set, the frame or circle will turn blue.
    • Fully press the Camera key to take a photo. If you’re using the Camera button, a photo will be taken as soon as the button is released.
    • If you’re having trouble focusing, you can set a ‘touch focus’ point by touching the point on the screen that you want to focus on.
    • You can also try moving the Xperia™ device around with the Camera key half pressed. Look for a spot where the picture comes into focus.

    More tips on how to take better photos are available here.