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How to enable e-mails to be received automatically?

    * Receiving e-mails automatically with VAIO Action Setup
    * Enabling the information indicator to light up when an e-mail is received

    Firstly, to receive e-mails, dial-up connection settings need to be done in advance. Please refer to the Windows® manual or the setting guide of the Internet Service Provider.

    To use Auto Mail with VAIO Action Setup, establish the following settings in addition to the standard settings.
    Note: If the settings are not established, Auto Mail will not work normally.

    * Setting 1
    Save the password.
    Select the Save password option when the connection is established to the destination.

    * Setting 2
    Do not show the dialog box of the connection in use.
    Select the Do not show this dialog box from next time on option.

    * Setting 3
    Set the e-mail software that is able to perform Auto Mail to the standard e-mail software.
    1. Click Start and click Control Panel.
    2. Double-click Internet Options.
    3. Select the e-mail software that is able to receive e-mails automatically.
    4. Click OK.

    To set Auto Mail with Eudora 4.3:
    1. Start Eudora 4.3.
    2. Click the Tools tab and click Options.
    3. Click MAPI and then select the Always option.
    4. Click OK.

    To use e-mail software other than Eudora for Auto Mail, select the Disable option.
    During the receiving process, do not operate the mouse or keyboard as e-mails may not be received properly.

    After the above settings are completed, please refer to the steps below to set VAIO Action Setup:

    1. Right-click the VAIO Action Setup icon displayed in the task tray and then click Open.
    2. Click the P1 button on the keyboard.
    3. Select the Recommended Settings option, click Auto Mail-Outlook Express and then click Next.
    4. Select the Dial-up connection option and select the desired dial-up settings.
    To move the system to the power saving mode after the receipt of e-mails, select the Set Status after Processing option and click System Standby or System Hibernation. After these settings are completed, click Next.
    5. Select either No need to control the Information LED or The Information LED is turned on when Process is finished successfully and then click Next.
    6. Perform the settings for Enter software name you want to start, Specify the folder to work and Enter an argument (option) here to return it at the startup time, and click Next.
    7. Perform the settings for Configuration name and Description, and click Finish.