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What to do if the reset-up process stops in the middle of System Recovery?

    The VAIO computer stops in the middle of System Recovery or Application Recovery and an error message appears.

    The following symptom occurs:
    1. An error message appears
    2. Screen turns blue
    3. System stops responding

    Examples of the error message:
    Err Msg:
    * Critical Error: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?
    * Error: An incompatible image was used. Cannot continue the process. The process stops.

    Note: The error message varies depending on the Operating System or situation the error occurs.

    Firstly, check whether the reset-up is carried out in accordance to the steps stated in To reset your machine with the Recovery CD-ROM in the instruction manual. If the reset-up process stops halfway despite following the procedure, please check the areas below:

    1. Are there any peripheral devices such as printer connected?
    2. Are there any fingerprints, scratches or dust on the Recovery CD?
    To clean the Recovery CD, gently wipe the CD in the direction starting from the center to the periphery with a soft cloth.
    3. Does the CD-ROM drive support the Recovery CD?
    This is applicable when an external CD-ROM drive is connected to a VAIO notebook computer.
    4. Does the external CD-ROM drive support the Recovery CD?
    The recovery operation is not guaranteed if CD-ROM drive of another manufacturer is used.

    If the reset-up is is unsuccessful after checking the above areas, it could be due to the memory not being the same as the factory-shipment state.
    If memory was added, remove it and configure the memory back to the factory-shipment state.

    During Application Recovery installation, the screen looks frozen sometimes even though the installation is carried out normally. In this case, please wait for a while.
    If the installation stops completely, carry out the reset-up process from the beginning again.