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How come when i try to use my HotKey function, it dosen't work?

    All of the HotKey functions such as volume control and LCD brightness control do not work at all.

    The HotKey utility program may require to be reinstalled.
    Check this:
    - If the HKSERV.EXE file is not found listed in the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utility and/or HotKey Utility is not listed in Add or Remove Programs, you will need to reinstall the HotKey program.
    - Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to start Task Manager. Check whether the HKSERV.EXE service is running in the Process Tab. If the service is not running, do a search for the file HKSERV.EXE using Windows search function. Once found, double-click on the file and press Ctrl - Alt - Delete, click task Manager and check whether the HKSERV.EXE service is running in the Process Tab.

    * Reinstallation Procedure
    1. Insert the last disc of the Recovery CD.
    2. Double-click on VAIO
    3. Double-click on Applications.
    4. Double-click on HotKeyUtility.
    5. Double-click on Setup.exe and follow the instructions on-screen to install HotKey.
    6. Once installation is completed, restart the computer.

    * If after reinstalling the HotKey program, the HotKey function still dosen't work, kindly please do contact your local Sony VAIO helpdesk as the problem occurs maybe due to hardware malfunction. For more information on how to contact your local Sony VAIO Helpdesk, please clickhere.