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What are the features of Window XP Home Edition?

    Features of Window XP Home Edition.

    * New User Interface (UI) [Home and Professional]
    Facilitate searching for required data at specific time

    * Reliability [Home and Professional]
    Configured on the reliability-proven kernel of Windows 2000

    * Windows Media Player for Windows XP [Home and Professional]
    Primary software for searching, playing back, managing and storing digital media

    * Network Setup Wizard [Home and Professional]
    Facilitating the sharing of a computer and devices by combining them at home

    * Windows Messenger [Home and Professional]
    Communication/collaboration tool with Instant Messaging, Audio/Video Meeting and application sharing function

    * Help and Support Center [Home and Professional]
    Providing easy recovery from troubles and necessary help and support

    * Support for enhanced mobile functions accessible from outside [Home and Professional]
    Expansion support of notebook computers (Clear type support, multi-monitor, improvement of power management), providing an environment where user can operate the computer in the office remotely.

    * Wireless connection [Home and Professional
    Automatic configuration of 802.1x wireless network

    * Remote desktop [Professional]
    User can access the data and applications in a computer remotely from another computer.

    * Off-line files and off-line folders [Professional]
    Even when the connection is discontinued from the server, you can access files and folders shared on the network.

    * Faster response even in processing multi-tasks [Home and Professional]

    * High-speed startup and improvement of power management) [Home and Professional]
    Startup or resume is done at higher speed.

    * Multi-task [Home and Professional]
    Operat multiple applications at the same time.

    * Expandable processor support [Professional Only]
    Supporting up to 2 multi-processors

    * Retention of data security and protection of user privacy

    * Firewall for the Internet connection [Home and Professional]
    Protecting your computer automatically from unauthorized access during the Internet connection

    * Internet Explorer 6 Privacy support [Home and Professional]
    Protecting private information during access to Web pages

    * Encryption of file system [Professional]
    Protecting confidential data in files saved to the NTFS file system

    * Access control [Professional]
    Limiting access to the selected files, applications and other resources

    * Coordination between Microsoft Windows Server and management solutions

    * Central control [Professional]
    Providing the use of wide range and powerful management/security tools by bringing the Windows XP Professional system in the Windows Server domain

    * Group policy [Professional]
    Simplifying the management of user and computer groups

    * Installation and maintenance of software [Professional]
    Automating the installation, settings, recovery and deletion of software applications

    * Roaming of user profiles [Profesional]
    Can access all documents and settings of a user regardless of whether the user log on to the system or not.

    * Remote install service (RIS) [Professional]
    Can install the remote operating system in the environment via the network.

    * Dynamic disk [Professional]
    Two or more hard disks efficient management of a drive and a disk domain is realized. (it cannot be used by notebook computer) .

    * Efficient communications with external world

    * Binary common to all language versions [Home and Professional]
    In any language versions of Windows XP, you can enter any language you like or execute Win32 applications in any language

    * Multi-lingual user interface (MUI) [Professional]
    Can change the user interface language, in compliance with the languages in dialog boxes, menus, help files, dictionary and proof tools. To use this function, user must purchase the multi-language version (MUI) provided under the volume license program.

    * IIS (Internet Information Service) [Professional]
    Information can be sent to the Internet and intranet by Web.