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How to erase a CD-RW or DVD-RW using Drag'n Drop CD+DVD?

    Erasing a CD-RW or DVD-RW using the Drag'n Drop CD+DVD program.

    Please follow the steps below:
    1. On the desktop, locate the Drag'n Drop CD+DVD boxes.
    If the boxes are not displayed, look under the task box and right-click the Drag'n Drop icon. Click Show Boxes and the 3 boxes will be displayed.
    2. Right-click any of the boxes and click Erase RW disc....
    3 format options are available:
    a. Quick erase: Select this option to erase the control area of the disc. This option is the fastest erase operation and requires the least time.
    b. Full erase: Select this option to erase the entire disc. The time taken to perform full erase is dependant on the maximum speed of the DVD-ROM and the DVD medium.
    Note: Most home stereo CD players cannot play CD-RW discs formatted in CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio).
    c. Forced erase: Select this option when Windows fail to recognize a RW disc after a filed write sesssion.
    3. Select the appropriate option and click Start.