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How to save WAV files from an audio CD?

    How to save WAV files from an audio CD using Drag'n Drop CD?

    To extract WAV files, please follow the steps below.
    Note: Steps below should not be intended for any other purpose that may violate copyright laws.
    1. Insert an audio CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    2. Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop, and drag and drop the Audio CD icon to the MusicCD BOX icon in the taskbar.
    3. The Best Album Editing window starts automatically.
    4. Select the desired track and then click the button with the right-arrow.
    5. The digital extraction of the selected audio starts.
    6. After the extraction has completed, the data of the audio CD is stored in the MML-E folder. The location of the folder varies depending on Operating Systems.

    * For Windows 2000:
    C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\Local Settings\temp\Drag'n Drop CD\MML-E folder

    * For Windows Me:
    C:\windows\temp\Drag'n Drop CD\MML-E folder