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What should the user do when the VAIO computer cannot be connected to the Internet through the cable TV line?

    Why can't the VAIO computer be connected to the Internet through the cable TV line?

    Please check the following when Internet cannot be used with the cable TV line:
    1. To use the Internet through the cable TV line, a LAN board or a LAN card is required.
    Check the LAN device supporting the VAIO computer and mount the type of device that the cable TV company specifies.
    If the VAIO computer has a network connector, check with the cable TV company if the equipped connector is usable for the connection.
    2. Check if the LAN board or the LAN card is recognized at normal circumstances.
    3. Check if the Ethernet cable used is suitable for the connection.
    4. Specific settings of the browsing software, mail software, an IP address and DNS is sometimes required. For details on the settings, please contact the cable TV company.
    5. If connection to the Internet is not possible after anti-virus software is installed, or even when necessary settings are made after the installation of anti-virus software, the anti-virus software may be the cause of the symptom.
    6. Some anti-virus softwares limit access to networks and access from networks due to their firewall function. In the event of the anti-virus software with such functions installed on the VAIO computer, it is likely that the computer be not normally recognized on the network and connected to the Internet. Please refer to the instruction manual of the software for more information on the settings or contact the software developer.
    Check if the firewall function is in operation when anti-virus software is installed.