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What to do if the message Virus Alert Information: Frethem virus appears?

    Virus Alert Information: Frethem virus.

    These are mass-mailer worms that will infect the computer system simply by opening or previewing the infected e-mail. This mass-mailing worm gathers e-mail addresses from Microsoft® Windows® Address Book (WAB) and in files with extension .DBX, .MBX, .EML, and .MDB. The worm will use its own SMTP engine to send itself to the recipients found.

    The e-mail message arrives with the following characteristics:
    Subject: Re: Your Password!
    Message: ATTENTION!

    You can access
    very important
    information by
    this password

    password to disk
    use your mind

    now press


    For more information and countermeasures, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft®'s technical support website.
    Article ID: Q326353
    Last Reviewed: July 22, 2002
    Title: Virus Alert About the "Frethem" Virus.

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