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Why is there a black frame surrounding the picture when it outputs to an external televison set?

    Picture output from a televison broadcast or a video deck are set to display in full screen on a televison set. However, when the picture of the VAIO computer outputs to the television, it appears at the centre of the screen, reduced in size with a black frame surrounding the picture.

    A black frame appears around the picture because the initial value (at the time of factory shipment) of outputting a picture from the VAIO notebook to a television screen is set to Underscan. This is to avoid eliminating information that may extend off the screen when a computer displays a still image consisting of characters and graphics.

    A picture output from a television broadcast or a video deck is usually displayed in full screen on a televison screen. But, the outskirt of the original picture is being extended off the screen (display area). To display a picture on the screen of a television or a monitor by extending it over the screen size is called Overscan.

    To display a picture of DVD in overscan on a television screen, extend the display area of the television screen horizontally and vertically through the Display Properties icon on the task area.