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What to do when VAIO related peripheral devices cannot be turned on?

    Points to check when VAIO related peripheral devices cannot be turned on.

    Please check the following:

    1. The AC adapter and power cable are Sony's genuine products.
    The normal operation of VAIO related products is guaranteed only when Sony AC adaptor and power cable are used.
    Using non-genuine Sony products may cause unexpected problems.

    2. Availability of power supply.

    3. The wall outlet is powered.
    Connect other electrical products to the wall outlet to determine if the outlet is powered properly.
    If possible, connect the peripheral devices directly to the wall outlet.

    4. The power supply meets the operating standards (AC100V, 50/60Hz) of VAIO related products. Devices can operate within an allowable difference range of 10%. Devices cannot work if the power supply is out of this range.

    5. Proper connection between the power cable and the VAIO computer.
    Reconnect the power cable to determine if the peripheral device is turned on.
    * Some peripheral devices are powered through the VAIO computer (For example, USB devices or PC card devices).

    6. Storage/operating environment (temperature, humidity etc.) is within acceptable limits.
    Depending on the types of environment, the VAIO computer cannot be turned on at times.
    Note: Even if the room temperature and humidity is at an acceptable standard of the VAIO computer, the temperature and humidity inside the computer may not be so.
    Please refer to the Operating Instructions for the standards of the VAIO related products.

    7. Occurrance of condensation.
    Condensation takes place on the surface or inside the VAIO computer when
    - the computer is moved from a colder to a warmer environment or,
    - the computer is used in a cold room where the air-conditioner is just turned on or in a highly humid place.
    Turning on a VAIO computer where condensation has occurred may cause problems. Do NOT turn the computer on and leave the computer as it is until condensation disappears.

    8. Whether the symptom occured after a stoke of lightning.
    Products may not be turned on due to possible damage by the lightning.

    If the problem persists, please bring the device to the local service center for inspection.