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After upgrading the operating system to Windows XP, the display resolution changed to 800 x 600. How can I change the resolution settings?

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After upgrading the operating system to Windows XP, a balloon icon appears in the taskbar.
Display Settings: Your computer's screen resolution and color depth are currently set to a very low level. You can get a better picture by increasing these settings. To do this, click this balloon.

How can I change the resolution settings or disable the display of this balloon icon?

If the balloon appears every time, user can disable it with the steps below.
1. Click on the balloon icon.
2. In the Display Settings, select the In the future, do not show me the dialog box option.
3. Click Yes to close Display Settings.

To change the resolution, please follow the steps below.
1. Right-click on any empty space of the desktop and click Properties.
2. Click the Settings tab and click Advanced.
4. Click the Monitor tab and unselect the Hide modes that this monitor cannot display option.
5. Click Adapter and click List All Modes....
6. Select 1024 x 480, True colour and click OK.
7. Click OK again.