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Why does the AVI file lose frames when converting a movie file to an AVI file using DVgate?

    When converting a movie file into an AVI file using DVgate, some frames of the AVI file are missing.

    To resolve this symptom, please click here to download the upgrade program.

    Some VAIO computer lose frames even after the execution of the update program.
    If it happens, please refer to the steps below:
    1. Click the Settings tab.
    2. Click Capture.
    3. Select the Recover Lost Frame option and click OK.

    When the file system of the drive is FAT32, the image captured tends to have higer number of lost frames compared to a file system using NTFS. If that's the case, perform a conversion of the file system to NTFS.
    For the conversion of the file system, please refer to Help of Windows.

    - The conversion of the file system to NTFS should be limited only to the hard disk drive for saving movies.
    Please refer to Help of DVgate for details on the creation of the hard disk drive for saving movies.
    - When the file system is changed to NTFS, some types of software may not work properly.