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How to create a calendar?

    Creating a calendar.

    Please refer to the steps below to create a calendar:

    1. Click Start and click All Programs -> PictureGear Studio -> PictureGear Studio.
    2. Click Print Studio.
    3. In the Calendar box, click Start Creating.
    4. From the folder list on the right frame, select a photo to be used for the calendar.
    5. From the pull-down menu at the upper left corner of the window, select the year and the months to print on the calendar.
    6. In the box under the year/month pull-down menu, click the 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months button.
    7. When the layout matches what was selected in steps 5 and 6, select a given layout.
    8. Edit the layout using the tool pallet.
    The following drawing tools are registered to the tool pallet.
    Note: To save the edited contents, click Save.

    - Select
    This option allows user to click to select an object (line, shape, text, stamp and calendar) written to the page.

    - Pen
    This option shows the Pen tool pallet where user can select a type of pen and a color, and write articles directly on the page.

    - Text
    This option shows the Text tool pallet where user can select a font and a text color. Drag the selections onto the canvas and a text box is created for text to be written in it.

    - Stamp
    This option shows the Stamp tool pallet. User can paste various stamps on it.

    - Shape
    This option shows the Shape tool pallet where user can select a shape. User can draw a shape on the canvas by dragging the shape.

    - Calendar
    This option shows the Calendar tool pallet where user can paste various calendars.

    - Photo
    This option shows the Photo tool pallet where user can select a photo and paste it on the canvas.

    9. Click the Print window.
    10. Select the printer and click the Paper Size and Paper Type.
    The settings vary depending on the type of printer.
    * To make advanced settings, click Properties to show the printer properties dialog box.
    * Frameless printing can be selected if the printer supports this feature.
    11. Preview the printing on the left frame of the window and click Print.
    12. When the Printing will begin. Have you set the paper? message appears, click OK.