Article ID : S500029686 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Why can't the audio input settings be enabled when the Smart Capture Premium window is maximised?

    The audio input type changes to Microphone automatically, even other audio input types are selected.

    Smart Capture Premium sets the audio input type to Microphone as the default settings. If another audio input type is selected, it will automatically change to Microphone when Smart Capture Premium is:

    1. Started
    2. Resized
    3. Closed

    To record sound through an audio input type other than Microphone, please refer to the steps below to change the setting before starting the recording.

    If another operation such as resizing the Smart Capture Premium window is performed after this procedure, the setting will be changed to Microphone again.

    1. Start Smart Capture Premium.
    2. Minimise the Smart Capture Premium window.
    3. Click Start, point to All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment and click Volume Control.
    4. Click the Option tab and click Properties.
    5. Select the Recording option and click OK.
    6. In the Recording Control window, select the Select option of the displayed audio input types and click Close.
    7. Click Smart Capture Premium on the task bar to restore the window to the original size.