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What are the files compatible with MovieShaker?

    Files compatible with MovieShaker.

    Note: Depending on the types of machine, user may not be able to capture images from a MICROMV device or record edited images to it.

    To use a MICROMV device with such a computer, install MovieShaker supplied with the accessory kit of the optional MICROMV device.
    For the details on the installation of MovieShaker, please refer to the instruction manual of the MICROMV device.

    The following are the compatible files of MovieShaker for different types of media.

    For Movies:
    - QuickTime Movie (supported by "MovieShaker Ver.3.2" or later versions) .MOV
    - AVI (including the DV format) .AVI
    - MPEG1 (supported by "MovieShaker Ver.1.2" or later versions) .MPG, .MPEG
    - MPEG2 (supported by "MovieShaker Ver.3.2" or later versions) .MPG, .MPEG
    - Digital Video (supported by "MovieShaker Ver.2.0" or later versions) .DV
    - MICROMV (supported by "MovieShaker Ver.3.2" or later versions) .MMV

    For Still Images:
    - Windows Bitmap .BMP
    - GIF .GIF
    - JPEG .JPG
    - PNG .PNG
    - PICT .PCT, .PICT

    For Music:
    - WAVE .WAV
    - AIFF .AIF
    - MP3 (supported by MovieShaker Ver.1.2 or later versions) .MP3

    - MovieShaker does not support QuickTimeVR, QuickTime3D and VECTOR files.
    - Some computers cannot capture MPEG2.
    - MICROMV files cannot be arranged on the material tray on computers that does not support MICROMV equipments.