Article ID : S500029675 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Why are the customized settings for Folder Picture not retained when viewed again through My Computer or My Documents?

    The customized settings of Folder Pictures made to the My Pictures folder are not effective when viewed from My Documents or My Computer.

    The settings do not take effect even when changing a picture to link to a given folder.

    Note: When user views from My Computer, the picture is not associated even if user right-clicks the folder and clicks Properties.

    Please refer to the steps below to resolve this symptom:

    1. Log off Windows and log on again.

    2. Click Start, click My Computer, double-click the following directories in this sequence to display the My Pictures window:
    Local Disk (C:) > Documents and Settings > User name > My Documents > My Pictures.
    Click Back.

    3. Click Start and click My Pictures.
    Alternatively, click Start, click My Documents and double-click My Pictures.