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Why can't language characters be displayed correctly on JogDial Utility?

    Two-byte language (for example, Chinese or Japanese) characters are unable to display correctly on VAIO computer with Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP, and Jog Dial Utility version 6 or later installed.

    The symptom has been verified on the following programs:
    * String search dialogue box of Microsoft® Office 2000/XP
    * When new mail is created in Lotus Notes.
    In addition, the highlight cursor of the JogDial may not display correctly as well.

    The cause of this symptom is being investigated right now (August 2001).

    To avoid the symptom, please follow the steps below.
    1. Divide the word into single characters and input them separately.
    2. Input the word you want in other programs which allows words to be input correctly, and then copy it into the textbox with clipboard.

    For example:
    Input the word in Notepad and then copy the word into the dialogue box in which the symptom occurred.