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Why is the connection of Windows® Media Player 7 to the Internet not recognized?

    When the Media Guide and Radio Tuner functions or the link to a streaming file are clicked, either of the following messages appear and playback cannot be executed.

    Err Msg:
    - Use Media Guide to find entertaining and informative content on the Internet. When you log on to Media Guide, you can access the latest music, movie trailers and news updates. Get connected to the Internet and experience the Media Guide.

    - Use the Radio Tuner to find radio stations on the Internet. When you open Radio Tuner, you can access radio stations from around the world, but you must be connected to the Internet.

    - Unable to access this media. You may not be connected to the network.

    - Action Cancelled:
    Try refreshing the page or connecting to the web site at a later time.

    - Windows® Media Player is not configured for the Internet.

    - Unable to play back this file.
    Connect to the Internet or play back removable media containing files.

    Microsoft® has verified the symptom.
    For more details, please refer to the following solution in Microsoft®'s technical support website.

    Article ID: Q272487
    Last Modified: August 06, 2002
    Title: Windows® Media Player Does Not Recognize a Connection to the Internet.