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How to re-install drivers on Windows® 98/98SE?

    How can the user re-install drivers?

    To reinstall drivers, please refer to the procedure below:
    In case the driver does not exist on the hard disk drive, user will need the floppy disk or CD-ROM containing the driver.

    For Windows® 98SE
    (The display in Windows® 98 may be different, but the procedure is the same as that of Windows® 98SE.)
    1. Right-click on My computer and click Properties.
    2. Click the Device manager tab. Choose the driver user want to re-install and click Remove.
    3. Click OK when the Confirm Device Removal window appears.
    4. Depending on the driver user have chosen, the System Settings Change window appears and will indicate the option to re-start Windows®. Click Yes to re-start Windows®.
    If the System Settings Change window does not appear, click OK to close the System Properties window, and re-start Windows® from Shutdown in the Start menu.
    5. The driver will be removed when user re-start Windows®.
    6. Re-install the driver using the appropriate driver floppy disk or CD-ROM.
    * For VAIO CD-ROM, please use the last disk of the VAIO Recovery CD-ROM. The application softwares and driver installation softwares are located in this disk.
    7. Once the re-installation of the driver, restart the computer.


    When the Windows® was unable to find the driver error message appears, user need to specify the location where the driver is saved. This location varies, depending on the device user have used.

    Important Note:
    Once the user have removed a driver, the peripherals related to this driver may not work anymore.