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The options for Shutting Down in Windows Vista

    The options for Shutting Down in Windows Vista


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    In earlier versions of the OS, the options for shutting down include a command called Stand By. However, in Windows Vista, there is a new function called Sleep substituting for the Stand By function.

    For a description of the Commands displayed in the options for Shutting Down and their functions, please refer to the following list.



    Switch User

    Running procedures remain running, and log on to other accounts.
    For detailed information, please refer to the following related solution.


    Closes all processes, but does not switch off the PC’s power.


    Running processes remain running and switch to users’ screens.
    Using Password management can prevent others from logging into your account.


    Closes all processes, shuts down Windows temporarily, and then restarts Windows.


    In order to restart quickly, saves the unfold Documents and Procedures to memory and lets the PC to consume less electricity.
    The electricity consume of Sleep state is little. Compared to switching off power, state of Sleep will save more electricity for a short time without using PC.    


    Saves all the unfold Documents and procedures in HDD, and then switch power.
    When the PC restarts, it will enter into normal state from inactivity, and the running state will also be recovered.

    Shut Down

    Closes all processes and shuts down Windows and then switches off the PC power.