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[Windows Vista] About Dynamic Windows and Live Taskbar

[Windows Vista] About Dynamic Windows and Live Taskbar

    ■ Dynamic Windows   

    In Windows Vista, dynamic windows comes true.
    In Windows Aero, after minimizing the window, it will become smaller and then displayed on the taskbar.
    When the minimized program on the taskbar is clicked, the window will fly out appearing on the desktop.
    The minimized windows are arranged on fixed locations of the taskbar, so it is very convenient to find and use them at any time. 

    ■ Live taskbar 

    In Windows Aero, the contents of the opening windows or minimized windows which are arranged on the taskbar, can be displayed in term of thumbnails. 
    When the mouse pointer is on the window Tile, it would show the lively contents in terms of thumbnail.
    It is not necessary to keep windows on the top of the screen.