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What about use of transferable items for Windows Easy Transfer in Windows Vista?

What about use of transferable items for Windows Easy Transfer in Windows Vista?

    Please refer to the following contents
    Windows Easy Transfer transfers the data from PCs with Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista to the PCs with Windows Vista.
    Furthermore, it can transfer the data of the entire user accounts as well as select random data and folders which are required to be transferred.
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    ■Data to be transferred
    The following items can be transferred by Windows Easy Transfer.
    •User Accounts and Settings
    •Files and Folders
    •Email information, settings, Address(Directory Inquiries) 
    •Connection settings of Internet ,Favorites and Cookie
    •Photography, Music, Video  
    •The settings of Windows
    •Data files and settings of software (*)

    •In Windows 2000 files can be only transferred.
    •Cannot transfer software. 
    •When the OS on the PC is transferred the fountain is different from the OS on the PC which is the transferred destination, it will cause some security software issues and drive software may work abnormally in the PC for the transferred destination. Sometimes files cannot be transferred without interchanging the OS.


    ■How to transfer
    When using Windows2000 or Windows XP, for the sending PC, resources can copy Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Vista.
    Use the Windows Easy Transfer to send, please use the way which is available to resourced PC and the destination PC.
    The following is how to connect to PC to send data.
    •Use USB Easy Transfer Cable
    If you install appropriative software on Windows XP, or Windows 2000. After inserting the Cable into two PCs, Windows Easy Transfer will be started automatically and display delivery orders.
    It is used as the simplest and the most rapid way when the internet does not exist.
    *USB Easy Transfer Cable is the specially designed USB Cable to match the use of Windows Vista, and the Windows Easy Transfer.
    They are available in the particular PC manufactures and dealers.
    •Use Home internet or small business network.
    When two PCs have been connected through wired or wireless network, use the existing network to send data. 
    •Use USB Flash drive
    After saving data from Windows Easy Transfer to the USB Flash drive (connect USB to the external hard disk, Flash media), connect the USB Flash drive to new PC.
    •Use CD or DVD
    •Use the CD/VCD writeable function on the PC to save data, and then deliver the data through Windows Easy Transfer.
    It is proper to use this way to deliver data when the amount of data is less.