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[Windows Vista] How to visit encrypted files?

    [Windows Vista] How to visit encrypted files?


    Please refer to the steps below to add users to permitted visitors list, and to share encrypted files with visitors.
    1. Display the encrypted files.
    2. Right-click encrypted files and choose Properties.

    3. Select the General  tab and click the Advanced button.

    4.Click the Details button under Compress or Encrypt attributes.

    5.Click the Add button.

    6. Click the user to permit visit, and click OK button.
    7. Make sure the user is added, and click the OK button.
    8. In the screen of Advanced Attributes, click the OK button.
    9. In the Screen of *** Properties (***is the file name), click the OK button.
    Only the administrator of the computer or the user of file with permissions can assign additional of users. Even if permission have been granted, the security of encrypted files can also be guaranteed.