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How to recover Startup program in Windows Vista?

How to recover Startup program in Windows Vista?

    Please refer to the following contents

    Recovering startup program is a new added function of Windows Vista. 
    Making use of this function can recover start up programs when the system is disabled by upgrading OS version.
    For the method of recovering start up programs, please refer to the following operation steps.
    Following is an example illustrating the operation steps by pictures.
    Because of the different Models used, Programs may display differently.

    1.Click the Start button, and then input msconfig in Search bar, and then press the Enter key.

    2.After the “User Account Control message appears, click the Continue button.
    For standard users, please refer to the following relative contents.
    [Windows Vista]About User Account Control


    If the User Account Control message dose not appears, please refer to the following steps. Click Startup icon, click the Recover startup Program button.
    4.Select the program which is required to recover, and then click the OK button.

    5.Click the YES button.

    6.Click the OK button in the window of the System Configuration.

    Operations finish.
    •Above recovered procedures will be added to the items on the Startup label when you reopen the System Configuration.
    •After recovering all the procedures displayed, the Recover Start up Program button will be never displayed.
    •If there are no interchanges between the recovered programs and upgraded OS, the following picture will be displayed.