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[Windows Vista] What is Windows Mobility Center?

[Windows Vista] About Windows Mobility Center

    With the Windows Vista Windows Mobility Center screen, user can quickly access the Mobile PC settings in one convenient location, and also carry out some simple adjustment.

    Mobility Center consists of several most commonly used mobile PC settings as the following.
    * Depending on the system, not all of the following tiles will appear in the Mobility Center window. If there are no necessary hardware and drives, some of the following tiles cannot appear.
    • Volume
    Move the slider to adjust the speaker volume of the mobile PC.
    • Battery Status
    View how much charge remains on the battery.
    • Wireless Network
    View the status of the wireless network connection.
    • External Display
    Connect an additional monitor to the mobile PC.
    • Sync Center
    View the status of an in-progress file sync, start a new sync or set up a sync partnerships, and adjust the settings in Sync Center.
    • Presentation settings
    Adjust settings, such as the speaker volume and the desktop background images, for giving a presentation.  
    • Brightness
    Move the slider to temporarily adjust the brightness of the display.
    • Screen's Orientation

    Screen of Tablet PC can convert from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal.

    Please refer to the steps below to display the Windows Mobility Center window.
    o Click the Change battery settings icon in notice area, and click the Windows Mobility Center.

    o Press the Windows logo key on keyboard while pressing “X”
    After displaying the Windows Mobility Center window, proceed to Step 4.
    1. Click the Start button, and select Control Panel.

    2. After displaying Control Panel, select Mobile PC.

    3. Select Windows Mobility Center.

    4. Display the Windows Mobility Center window.
    *The displayed part of each item is called Tile.
    5. Move the slider bar or buttons displayed in each Tile to change the settings.

    To change detailed items, click the icon displayed in the Tile. The Control Panel window will be displayed.
    E.g. Click the icon , then the Sound screen will display.