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In Vista when check DeviceManager,the Processor(CPU) strings is something wrong. How can I deal with it?

    Processor information on device manager is different from the CPU installed on VAIO.

    The problem is caused by the specification of Windows Vista, which does not automatically detect the processor.


    This issue will only happen on Device Manager.

    Vista Welcome Center, VAIO Setting shows the correct information.


    How to check the CPU information on device manager:

    The processor information on device manger can be confirmed by clicking [start], then click [computer], then click [system properties]



    How to set the correct CPU information on device manager:

    1. Open device manager.

    2. Expand the Processors node, and then double-click the processor.

    3. Click the Driver tab. 

    4. Click Uninstall, and then click OK.




    5. Restart the computer.



    Please go through these steps if your processor mark is two or more such as CoreDuo. 

    The symptom will occur again, once you perform the system recovery.





    The information can also be found in below Microsoft Knowledge base site: