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How to transfer tracks to Hi-MD using SonicStageCP?

    Transferring tracks to Hi-MD using SonicStageCP.

    Please follow the steps below to transfer tracks from My Library to a Hi-MD:

    Note: Make sure that the write protect tab of the disc (in the Hi-MD device) is in the unlocked position. Otherwise, tracks cannot be transferred to the Hi-MD.

    1. Insert a disc into the Hi-MD device and connect the device to the computer.
    The screen is switched to the Transfer (Hi-MD) screen.

    If the screen does not switch, or has to be switched manually, point to the Transfer button and select Hi-MD.

    2. If the device supports multiple MD modes, select the MD mode.
    Click  of the MD mode list on the right and select Hi-MD or Net MD.
    If the disc already contains previously transferred tracks, the MD mode is automatically selected. To add a track to the disc, go to the next step.

    Note: MD mode can be selected only when a standard MiniDisc is inserted. If the disc is a recordable Hi-MD Disc, Hi-MD is automatically selected and the selection cannot be changed.
    When MD mode is selected, the disc is initialized and all the data is deleted from the disc.
    To play back the transferred tracks on a non-Hi-MD device, select Net MD from the MD mode list.

    3. Select the track from the list of My Library on the left.
    To select multiple tracks, click the tracks while holding down the CTRL key.
    To select all the tracks in an album, select the album.

    4. Change the transfer mode, if necessary.
    With the default settings, tracks in the following formats are transferred in their original format and bit rate (Standard transfer mode).
    ->OpenMG Audio (PCM)
    ->OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3)
    ->OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus)
    ->OpenMG (PCM)
    ->OpenMG (ATRAC3)
    ->OpenMG (ATRAC3plus)
    ->MP3 (compatible devices only)

    To transfer tracks in any other format, or to always apply a lower bit rate when transferring multiple tracks, click  in the middle of the screen to display the Transfer Mode Settings dialog box (for Hi-MD) and select the transfer mode.
    In addition, an 8-bit or 16-bit WAV format file can be transferred in OpenMG Audio (PCM) format.

    5. Click  in the middle of the screen.
    Transfer begins. When the process has completed, the track is added to the end of the disc (in the Hi-MD device).
    If an album is selected in step 3, a group containing the same name and tracks as the album is created on the disc (in the Hi-MD device).