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I would like to know the major changes and points on the usage of [Adobe Premiere 6.0] on VAIO computer.

    I would like to know the major changes and points on the usage of [Adobe Premiere 6.0] on VAIO computer.

    Please note the following points when you use [Adobe Premiere 6.0]. (as of April 2001)

    A. Main new functions of [Adobe Premiere 6.0] (as per the announcement by Adobe Systems)
    - DV control usable with Plug and Play
    You can start video edit just by connecting the IEEE 1394 port equipped with Windows or Macintosh machines to the DV terminal of a DV device. (Supporting AVI 2.0)

    - Create attractive websites with Streaming Video.
    The Web output option controllable with one-step operation has facilitated streaming video output, optimization and distribution.

    - Explore more creative options and still meet impossible deadlines
    New tools such features as professional-level "Audio Mixer" and innovative "Automate to Timeline" offer various experiences.

    B. Operation of [Adobe Premiere 6.0]
    [Adobe Premiere 6.0] operates with computers of the following specifications:
    OS: Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, WindowsNT4.0 with Service Pack 4 (The I/O of DV is available from Windows 98SE and later versions.)
    CPU: Pentium 300MHz or greater
    Memory: 128MB or greater (recommended)
    The above is the operating environment only for Adobe Premiere 6.0. (announced by Adobe Systems.)
    DVgate Plug-in Update Program of VAIO computers requires additional operating resources.
    * Check with Adobe Systems other operational environments.

    C. Notes on using Adobe Premiere 6.0 on VAIO computers
    - [DVgate Ver.2.2] or later versions are necessary.
    To edit with Premiere the file captured with [DVgate] and use it with [DVgate] again, you need to have [DVgate Ver.2.2] and Plug-in dedicated to [Adobe Premiere 6.0].
    Do not use other [DVgate Plug-in] than the Plug-in dedicated to [Adobe Premiere 6.0].
    The Plug-in installed to VAIO computers now (as of February 2001) is for [Adobe Premiere 5.1].

    Please contact your local VAIO support centers regarding the Plug-in dedicated to [Adobe Premiere 6.0].
    In addition, [Adobe Premiere 6.0] cannot be used with [DVgate Ver.2.1] or older versions.

    - Use [DVgate Plug-in] to write a file
    To write with [DVgate] the file that is created with [Adobe Premiere 6.0], make sure that [DVgate Plug-in] is used.
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    Article ID 006109-00615 : "Update program of DVgate Plug-in for Premiere 6.0"

    - [DirectX8] is installed
    If [DirectX8] is installed, applications that are pre-installed to VAIO computers as well as those of other manufacturers may be affected.

    - A new AVI file format (AVI 2.0) is adopted.
    The initial settings to output an AVI file with [Adobe Premiere 6.0] is to output it in the AVI 2.0 format (Microsoft DV AVI). This format, however, does not support the application installed to the existing VAIO computers. Problems such as the inability of playing back the file may occur and applications other than that of Sony may experience similar problems.
    To playback a moving image with the use of Sony's applications, use [DVgate Plug-in].
    (When you write the file with [DVgate Plug-in], it will be written in the existing file formats.)