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What are the new features of SonicStage 3.4?

New features of SonicStage 3.4.

    New features of SonicStage 3.4:
    1. Tracks can be transferred in ATRAC 192kbps to Hi-MD devices.
    2. Tracks recorded from digital/analog inputs or microphone on Hi-MD devices can be uploaded to SonicStage and saved in WAV (PCM) format.
    3. Ripping an Audio CD in ATRAC 352kbps is available.
    4. CD information can be retrieved for tracks listed in My Library.
    5. Tracks in WAV format can be compressed to ATRAC Advanced Lossless format.
    6. Tracks in ATRAC format (included ATRAC Advanced Lossless format) can be saved in WAV format.
    7. Lyrics can be displayed when clicking the Lyrics button.
    Note: Only when the lyrics are attached to the tracks.