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What is an App bar in Windows 8?

What is an App bar in Windows 8?

    The App bar displays the options you can make on the Apps. From the App bar, you can Pin/Unpin App from Start Screen, Smaller/Larger, Turn live tile off, Pin app to taskbar, Uninstall, Open new window, Run as administrator and Open file location. These options vary among Desktop tile apps, Start apps and Live Tiles apps.

    To activate the App bar, right-click a Tile on the Start Screen. The app bar is displayed at the bottom of screen.

    Options for a Desktop tile app include:

    • Pin/Unpin from Start – displays or removes the app tile from the Start screen, but does not uninstall it.
    • Pin/Unpin to taskbar – pin or unpin the app icon to the taskbar on the Windows desktop.
    • Uninstall – opens the Programs and Features Control Panel.
    • Open new window – Opens a new instance of the app.
    • Run as administrator – Opens the app with administrator privileges.
    • Open file location – Opens File Explorer to the location where the app shortcut is located.

    Options for a Metro-style app include:

    • Pin / Unpin from Start – displays or removes app tile from Start Screen, but does not uninstall app.
    • Uninstall – Uninstalls app from your computer.
       Note: Windows Metro-style apps are uninstalled through tiles, and do not appear in Program Control Panel.
    • Smaller / Larger – Displays the tile either smaller or larger on the Start Screen.
    • Turn live tile off - Enables or disables live tiles. Enabling the live tile changes the view of the tile displaying dynamic content based on the app while disabling it changes it to a static tile with a graphic and text.
      Note: Not all apps have live tiles.