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How to connect to the Internet using a mobile phone via BluetoothTM Stack for Windows® by TOSHIBA Utility?

    Connecting to the Internet using a mobile phone via BluetoothTM  Stack for Windows® by TOSHIBA Utility.

    Please follow the steps:

    1. Turn on the mobile phone, and set it to be connectable.

    2. Right-click the Bluetooth wireless technology icon in the Task Tray and click Add New Connection.

    3. Confirm that Express Mode has been selected and click Next. The Add New Connection Wizard(Searching for devices) window will appear.

    4. Select the device name of the mobile phone from the list of devices and click Next. The Add New Connection Wizard(Search for services) window will appear. Once a service has been deleted successfully, connection to the device and COM port creation will be performed automatically, after which the Add New Connection Wizard(Modem Settings) window will appear.

    5. If connecting to a mobile phone for the first time, enter the passkey for the wireless modem station under Bluetooth Passkey (PIN), and click OK. Once the program has finished searching for the devices, the Add New Connection Wizard(Device Selection) window will appear.

    6. Click Next. Certain modems require users to configure initialization commands separately. Please click Additional Initialization Command Settings, enter the initialization commands in the following window and click OK.

    7. Enter the connection name (optional), telephone number (of the provider‘s access point), user name and password (as issued by the provider) and click Finish.

    If the connection destination registered when the mobile phone is configured is set as the default connection destination, connect to the Internet with the steps below: 
    1. Start the browser, e-mail application or other applications.

    2. Enter the URL of the Web page to be displayed and the press Enter. Alternatively, use the e-mail tool to send/receive items or perform other activities.

    3. Click Connect.
    4. End the connection: Right-click the network icon in the task tray, and click Disconnect.

    For more information, please refer to the embedded manual for the Toshiba Bluetooth Utility.