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How to create a video DVD in HD mode using Click To DVD?

    Creating a video DVD in HD mode using Click To DVD.

    Please follow the steps to create a video DVD in HD mode.
    1. Click HD Mode.
    2. Connect a HDV device to the computer.
    For details on connecting the device to the computer, please refer to the user manual provided with the device and the computer.
    3. Type in the DVD title.
    4. Click Create DVD.

    Note: Before starting, place a writable disc of the formats below into the computer's recordable DVD drive.
    It is highly recommended to use DVD-R or DVD+R discs (write-once discs). Using rewritable discs, such as DVD-RW or DVD+RW discs, may result in distorted or interrupted video, even with a DVD drive that supports 8x or faster reading speeds.
    * Depending on the video length, multiple DVD discs may be required.
    * System requirements for capturing video from HDV devices are as follows:
    CPU: Intel Pentium M processor, 1.6GHz or above.
    System memory: 512MB or more.