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Why can't MZ-N10 be charged?

    MZ-N10 cannot be charged.

    The following are some reasons why MZ-N10 cannot be charged:

    - The BUILT-IN BATTERY may not be turned on.
    Turn on the BUILT-IN BATTERY switch on the back of the unit.
    - The Net MD Walkman may be unused for a long time.
    When the Net MD Walkman is not used for a long time, the charge lamp might not light up immediately. Charging will start after 1 minute or so. If charging does not start, remove the unit from USB cradle and replace it.
    - Because the unit is charged when it is shipped from a factory, the display window might show Charging-minand charging might be finished soon just after when you bought.
    Remove USB cradle from the unit, start playback and check the remaining amount of the battery on the display window.