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How to use My Safe function?

    Using My Safe function.

    Private files can be stored in an encrypted form in My Safe folder. My Safe is stored under My Documents. The corresponding shortcut is also created in the Start menu. To unlock/lock the My Safe folder, use the sensor and select the Unlock My Safe/Lock My Safe command from the Biomenu. Alternatively, select the same command from the right-click menu of My Safe in Windows Explorer.

    My Safe must be created before using it for the first time. Please refer to the following steps:

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Protector Suite QL and click My Safe.

    2. Click Next, input the Backup Password and click Next.

    3. Set initial size of My Safe folder.

    4. Click Finish. My Safe folder will be created.

    -The default My Safe folder is 50MB. My Safe can be resized later if necessary. Maximum size is 2 GB.
    - My Safe Backup Password uses at least 8 characters.

    Upon completion of the steps above, the following will appear on the desktop and My Computer. Private files can be stored in an encrypted form in My Safe folder.

    Management features for My Safe are accessible from the My Safe page of the Settings dialog.

    To lock My Safe folder, please click Lock button first.

    Then, close all programs and Explorer windows which use My Safe and click OK.

    To unlock this folder, please click Unlock on the My Safe option.

    To resize the folder, click Change Size first.

    Resize My Safe window will appear. Set a suitable size for the folder and click OK.

    To delete the folder, click Delete.

    A message prompting that the folder will be moved to Recycle Bin appears.

    Click Yes.