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How to connect the VAIO computer to TV?

Connecting the VAIO computer to TV.

    Please refer to the steps below to connect the VAIO computer to TV.

    1. Plug the power cord of the TV(1) into an AC outlet.

    2. Press Fn+F7 to recall display settings menu, then use left/right to select settings.

    3. Be sure to enable the checkbox of auto switch external output function. If disabled, images will not appear on the TV.

    4. Plug one end of an audio/video cable(2) into the AV Out jack on the computer and the other(3) to the TV.

    5. Switch the input channel of the TV to external input.

    6. Set up the TV configuration system.

    Note: An AV cable with a minijack connector on one end and 3 RCA (also called cinch) connectors on the other end is required. If the TV does not have RCA connectors, but has a Scart connector, an RCA converter is required.

    If the display resolution of the computer is more than 1024*768 pixels, a part of the image can not be displayed on the TV. The hidden area on the TV can be seen by moving the cursor on the computer. To display the full image, change the display resolution of the computer to 1024x768 pixels or lower.