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What is a DPC function?

About DPC function

    DPC (Digital Pitch Control) is a function for changing the playback speed without changing the pitch.
    You can adjust the playback speed in a range of .50 times to 2.00 times the normal speed.

    You can adjust by following the procedure below.

    1. Set the DPC (SPEED)/KEY CTRL switch on the rear of the IC recorder to ON.
    2. Press or on the control button during playback to set.

    : Decreases the speed by 0.05 times each time it is pressed (x0.50 to x1.00)
    : Increases the speed by 0.10 times each time it is pressed (x1.00 to x2.00)

    Press and hold the button to change the speed continuously.
    The setting is x0.70 when you purchase the IC recorder.

    To return to the normal playback speed. Set the DPC SPEED CTRL switch to OFF.


    • For LPCM, WMA and AAC-LC files, the playback speed can only be adjusted between x0.50 and x1.00.
    • NO FAST is displayed.