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How to resolve when Sound Organizer does not recognize the IC recorder?

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Sound Organizer does not recognize the IC recorder.
If Sound Organizer does not recognize your IC recorder, check the following:
  1. Check if Sound Organizer supports your IC recorder.
    Sound Organizer Ver 1.2 supports the following IC recorders.
    - ICD-SX712/SX713/SX813
    - ICD-UX523F/UX512F/UX513F
    - ICD-PX312/PX312M
    - ICD-AX412F
  2. Destination folder name contains special characters
    If there are special characters used in the destination folder name for Sound Organizer, the IC recorder may not be recognized.
    If such is the case, uninstall Sound Organizer first, and then reinstall it using an installation path that does not contain any special characters.