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How do I change or add items in [SendTo] of the shortcut menu?

    How do I change or add items in [SendTo] of the shortcut menu?

    To change or add items in [SendTo] of the shortcut menu, please refer to the procedure below:

    * The following is an example on how to add [3 1/2 FD (A)] to the items of [SendTo].

    1) Double-click on the [My Computer] icon on the desktop.

    2) Double-click [Local Disk (C)].

    3) Double-click the [Windows] folder.

    4) Click [Folder Options] from the [Tools] menu.

    5) Click the [View] tab in the [Folder Options] dialog box.

    6) Click the [Show hidden files and folders] option button in [Advanced Settings:] and click the [OK] button.
    The [SendTo] folder is set as a hidden folder under the default settings of Windows Me.

    7) The [SendTo] folder appears.
    * If the contents of the [Windows] folder are not displayed, click [Show all contents of this folder] on the left of the window.

    8) Double-click the [SendTo] folder displayed in step 7 to open it.

    9) While the [SendTo] folder is displayed, double-click on the [My computer] icon on the desktop.

    10) Drag and drop the [3 1/2 Floppy] icon to the [SendTo] folder.

    11) The [Shortcut] dialog box appears and the message "You cannot move or copy this item to this location. Do you want to create a shortcut of the item instead?" appears. Click the [Yes] button.

    12) The [Shortcut to 3 1/2 Floppy] icon is created in the [SendTo] folder.

    13) Right-click on the [Shortcut to 3 1/2 Floppy] icon to rename it. Alternatively, select the [Shortcut to 3 1/2 Floppy] icon and press the [F2] key.

    14) Change the name of the icon.
    * E.g. [3 1/2 FD(A:)]

    15) The renamed [3 1/2 FD(A)] icon is then added to [SendTo].